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Pricing For Our Services

At Florida Keys Window Cleaning we believe in providing a superior clean at a price point that makes us affordable to all. There is always someone out there that can do any job for less, but with those reduced rates often you are getting a greatly reduced level of service. Like most things, window washing is truly a “you get what you pay for” deal. 

Next time you’re looking for a new window cleaner there are a few things to ask them when providing their estimate:

  • Are they going to clean more than just the glass? No use having a clean glass just to see that filthy sill on the other side. Many window washers will never open your window.
  • Will they properly clean your windows? Meaning, are they going to actually get ALL debris off the window by scraping the window or are they just going to do a quick clean by not scraping the window?
  • Are they insured? Anything can happen when workers are working at great heights off the ground, make sure if a freak accident does happen you’re not left holding the bill.(Note - We have never had an accident on the job)
  • Is the owner in it for the long haul? You don’t want to have to be searching for a new window cleaner every season. If they are in it for the long haul they have probably invested in company vehicles and have company uniforms.
  • Ask for references, any company that is in it for the long term will have plenty of happy customers to share their experience with you.
  • How do they clean your exterior windows? Some window cleaners utilize poles to wash high windows instead of going up a ladder. It is next to impossible to get a great result when you’re standing 25’ away from the window you’re cleaning. We own many different sized ladders to make it possible to reach all windows on your home.
  • Check out our process of cleaning windows and compare it to the service the other companies you're seeking estimates from are providing.

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When the time comes to get your windows cleaned it is best to give us a call to schedule a free estimate so you know exactly the cost to have your windows cleaned. Below we have given some general pricing so you can get a ballpark on the cost.

  • Window Cleaning inside/outside/clean sills and tracks – Starting at $5.00/pane
  • Cleaning Screens – $1 to $2 per screen
  • Washing Sliding Glass Doors – Inside/Outside/Wiping Tracks – Starting at $10/door
  • Transom Windows (windows above other doors and windows) Inside/Outside - $5-$10 per window
  • French Doors – Inside/Outside – Starting at $12/door
Other Services Offered:
  • Gutter Cleaning – Starting at $100 per home
  • Cleaning Ceiling Fans – Starting at $15.00/Fan
  • Chandelier Lights Starting at $20.00/Light
  • Pressure Washing Siding – Starting at $85 per Home